July 6th, 2020

The Real LJ Idol * Season 11 * Week 26: Open Topic


She stepped from moon shadow.

Her scarred face held knowledge of millennia,
strong hands draped my shoulders in nettle,
set a crown of thistle upon my head,

cool lips planted a kiss on my forehead, then she
pulled my tongue with forefinger and thumb,
planted a seedling underneath.

She pointed to the glassy stillness of
a pond, untouched by the rippling of
night song and hungry mouths, so

I pressed my face into the water, soothed
the fire burning under my steaming skin until
the tipping point of disintegration,
sandy embankment pulled through
my clawed fingers, a downward current
cast into the rushing stream of consciousness,

stars and meteorites scattered
across the vacuum of space which
held the chill of every cold shoulder,
spilling into the great heavy
depths of the ocean.

The angler fish held her lantern to
guide me through the inky black expanses
teeming with hidden teeth, carcasses, eyeless
life thriving far below because they consumed, so

I consumed, too, accepted whatever that world
would give
to sustain the vitality of
flesh on my bones, floated a while
until the pressure of the dive became less
obvious, the subtle rising up
brought me reflected rays of light through
murky shallows, green and teeming
with abundance of knowing,
the unfurling of the fern
under my tongue a
promise fulfilled.

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