May 17th, 2020

The Real LJ Idol * Season 11 * Week 22: Hiraeth

I once sunk deep
into plush moss,
their supple hands
gently packed the
dirt all around
me, whispering.

I was brought back
from the rich soil
by strong fingers
which carried me
to the river,
loving arms
sunk me deep
into the cold
water, singing.

I was swaddled
in thick wool,
walked down the
pine needle path
to the hearth
burning bright
with holly and
laid bare on
the fire-warmed
stone, humming.

there I shed
precious naïveté
like a snake
itchy from skin
that is too tight,
hemming in
the space we
were meant
to take up in the
world, growing.

There I was fed
milk and honey
to take away the
bitter bite of the
potent herbs which
Would awaken me
to the truth of
things, aching.

My heart rended
Slowly, slowly...
over long days and
endless nights,
opening up to
the pain of losing
which I thought was
mine that never was,

that pulled taut
every nerve,
frayed every fiber

I thought I would come
apart at the seams,
at the joints,
at the synapses,
to become

A floating cloud of
loose particles rising
like mist from the
low valleys, which
hold the echoes of
hopes and wild wishes
in the cupped bowl of
the earth’s palms,
where I would stay,

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