May 10th, 2020

The Real LJ Idol * Season 11 * Week 21: Sudden Death Write Off-Open Topic

She thrice casted her voice
into the atmosphere,
implored the answers to come
down from on high to kiss
her brow with golden lips,
so she could finally get
the miracle of knowing.

Instead, the haunting came
down the hill
to stay for a while
on the wide
expanse of her frozen chest which
labored under the thudding
weight of cloven feet,

Ghosts play fanciful tricks;
swell your tongue to choking,
give the promise of maggots
under your tender aching
Skin, so sleep will not come,
your eyes sting
with the grit of

A bell tolled in the distance,
rolled across the foothills,
reverberated through
the soles of her feet,
climbed her bones like
invasive ivy.

The omens rooted
into sinew and bone,
her nerves crawled
with millipede feet
thrumming and


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