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The Real LJ Idol * Season 11 * Week 22: Sudden Death Write Off-Open Topic


A slow climb into the sunlight after
a season and a day in the deep rock,
the air restless and
shifting this way, that way

caressing curls, languidly drawing
fingertips across chest, neck,
and back, down thighs and over cheeks.

Earth swallowed her up to the shoulder,
edges dissolved into the sun baked
ground, nerves spreading wildly,
a root system cast wide and searching.

She nuzzled against the grim reaper,
buried her head in his hood to lick his
teeth, to kiss the corner of his smile.

He swooned at the scent of her blooming,
left her with a molar as an offering,
promised to be back again soon to sink
incisors into the
fruit of her becoming.

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