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The Real LJ Idol * Season 11 * Week 20: Boondoggle

We stood heel to heel,
walked three paces,
turned around and
took our best shot
to ignore the

to admit our ache
was chronic and
the emotional
expenditures too
steep to justify.

I took your words
at face value, chose to
believe you knew
yourself better
than I could ever know
you, because I was full of things
I did not expect you to understand.
I thought there must be a myriad of
worlds living inside your head
I could never

You said you wanted to stay,
so I trusted that you meant it
without reservation, never
suspecting there was
an underlying caveat weighing down
every reassurance you shackled
to my thin ankles,until

I was on the edge
of the deep pool watching
in horror as you pushed each
and every one of the
anchored conditions
for loving me
into the water,

You, incredulous I couldn’t swim,
angry with my exhaustion,but
mystified I wasn’t drowning,
surprised I was not asking
for you to save me
from the trap
you devised.

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