LJ Idol Week 0: Introduction

Her bones cracked. She would groan, but the mud caked in her mouth, down her throat. Her tongue sluggishly pushed at the muck. It tasted sweet. She clawed forward. She clawed upward. She clawed through. The wet earth felt silky between her cramped fingers. When she broke the surface, there was cool water ready to caress her with reverence. Yes, welcome, Mother alligator has been waiting for you.She was grateful for the soft murky embrace. It was gentle, tugging fondly on her matted hair, loosening the strands, rinsing out her mouth. She sighed. She rested. She floated under the surface, content and heavy with dreaming.

There was work to do, still, her sister’s call was keening. She kicked her way to shore and found her feet, toes digging into the sucking mud, but she quickly came to her knees, bent double. She vomited and coughed up the swamp, the soft things that live underneath. She gasped. The air was warm and sticky, but the breeze was excruciating on her new skin. Mother Alligator took off her coat and draped the heavy scaled armor over the witch. Her enormous jaws closed around the witch's tender body, deftly carrying her while she caught the air in her lungs, licked the old wounds. The witch pressed her cheek into the yielding tongue. She kissed a sharp tooth, for luck. 


Hello. I'm Ten. You should know there are worse places to end up than in the cozy jaws of an alligator, but I am on land these days, getting my bearings and peering at a new landscape. A soul friend convinced me to enter this wild world last season. I was in a major transition period. I had moved out of state for the first time, left friends and family. I started dancing with a new belly dance troupe, and struggled to find my sea legs in a new life, tip toes on a new horizon, figuring out what shape I might take if I allowed myself the space to expand. 

Idol changed my life. I found out I didn't have to be "in the mood" to create. I found musings come more easily, ideas landing in my head, eager to move in. I learned I can turn the light on a newly formed piece of writing and  it wouldn't spontaneously combust from the exposure, and neither would I. Surprises of surprises, I won last season. It's amazing what kind of time you can find when you're starving. I never wanted to do anything else but write, and I am so grateful for a playground like this to use my muscles again. This year I am in another transition period. I am in a new state, without a new belly dance troupe, I left another set of friends behind, but I am already finding connection and fertile soil to plant seeds. I am curious to see what will grow. 


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